05 May 2009

For Mother's Day Rememberance

I wrote this poem on 1 November 1990, a year and a day after my mom, Dolores Bass Gordon died. With Mother's Day upon us, I wanted to share it with you. I'm not much of a poet, but anyone who has lost their mom will appreciate the sentiment. This Halloween will be 20 years since I buried her, and not a day goes by that I don't miss her.

A Poem for Mom

A year has past.
Three hundred sixty five firsts.
The first Thanksgiving,
The fist Mother’s Day,
The first Halloween.

Now comes the time of healing.
I can look back on memories
And you were not there,
Except in spirit,
Except in the pain in my heart.

Can seconds begin to return
The sweetness to my days?
Will the fall colors shine more brightly?
Will the winter fire warm me?
Can I live with this veil on my senses?

Life and death, death and life
The earth is nourished by our passing.
Yet, I hunger for your presence.
When will I be satiated?

A year has past.
Three hundred sixty five firsts.
The cycle is complete.
I must go on
For the first time
Through the second year.

Mara Gordon


  1. That is lovely, Mara. I feel it in my bones. Makes me ache all over.

  2. Beautiful poem, Mara. You are so good at making us feel what you are feeling as you write.

  3. Beautiful...Reminds me of my grandma. She was like my mom...Thanks so much for sharing..

  4. Hey darlin its Ali - I loved this post. And I love you for the support you have been giving me through this recent incident! XXOO

  5. Mara - a beautiful expression of the first year of your journey through grief.

  6. Nice poem - it really makes me tear up cuz I am close to my mom, so I can't imagine... sorry for loss so many years ago.