28 October 2008

Name Our T@B!!!!

Stewart and I have decided to name our little trailer. The problem is we can't decide on a name. I like the name Peregrine, which means wanderer. Perry for short. My case for this name also invokes the image of Peregrine Took, or Pippin from Lord of the Rings, who was certainly a wanderer - and a faithful friend to Frodo Baggins. We certainly hope the T@B will be our friend (i.e. no flat tires, broken hitches, etc.). Stewart likes Tabatha, which means gazelle. Though it is cute - Tabatha, T@B - it is probably the name of a million other T@B's. Gazelle is a lovely word, yet hardly expresses the spirit of our journey. In fairness to his choice, we would have a better chance of finding a key chain or coffee mug (or mini license plate) with Tabatha than Peregrine. OK, folks. It's up to you. What would YOU name our T@B? We are taking suggestions, and will let you know the winning name soon.

Here is picture of Peregrine, I mean T@B, for inspiration.

1 comment:

  1. That is the funniest looking thing ever! But practical. How about "Sacagawea" after a Native American Indian guide, or "Kit" as in Kit Carson the famous frontiersman? However I don't think these have the romance of "Peregrine" really.