02 November 2008

We did it!

We did it! With a few hiccups, we still managed to hit the road, and get to Walden before the sunset. It was in question for a bit as our movers flaked. They came for a few hours, spent their time talking to each other between complaints, and checking their phones for texts. As soon as one came in for a Halloween party, they were gone. My beloved rabbi and our friend, Yerachmiel Gorelick, managed to find us one guy to help from 8-midnight. He was a lifesaver. I ended up going to the closing alone while Stewart stayed and slaved away on the final cleaning of the house.

The drive here was gorgeous. We skirted the Poudre River the entire way. First it was on our left, then our right. The snow on the mountain tops juxtaposed against the streaming water was magical. We picked up our fishing licenses, then headed for our site. Just as final darkness descended, we built a fire, made popcorn, and sat down to rest. There is a certain quality to the darkness when the nearest city or town is 90 miles away. It is like nothing a city dweller ever gets to see outside of a planetarium. [Commentary: That is why the new $3mm projector in Chicago is so important] The crackling fire, and the dogs wandering through the brush was the only sound for what seemed like forever. One other soul was here when we arrived. He left today to head home for work tomorrow. Poor guy!


  1. Fantastic!! Well done! Enjoy the fishing but please don't bring me one back! :)

  2. You should live, fish, and be well! Frank