15 November 2008

Happy Birthday, Prince Charles!

After much rushing around, we finally made it to the UK. Just in time, it seems, for the Queen's eldest son to celebrate his 60th birthday. There is much speculation here as to whether HRH will step aside for Charles, but I'm afraid our stay here will be long over before that decision is made public.

Our reception here has been wonderful. Everyone seems sincerely relieved that Obama was elected. Many of us forget that the Brits have men and women in harms way in Iraq as well. In fact, two Royal Marines were killed this week. There does seem to be a hopefulness that is spreading around the world - even as the economy appears to be imploding. Of course, for the first time in years, the dollar is up against the pound, so we have a bit more buying power than usual on our trip. In other words, we can afford to buy the occasional round!

We'll be renting a car next week, and taking a few day trips. Friday, we go to London for the weekend before flying home to ... oops! Not sure where home is! Let me rephrase that, we fly back to Denver to pick up Jeffrey and Emma, then head for St. Louis. Sadly, my brother-in-law, Russ's family suffered a tragedy this week, so celebrating Thanksgiving will be more about being together than about food and football. Life is so unpredictable.

On a lighter note, my favorite judge, John Creuzot, was re-elected to his 5th term in office. Some of you will remember that I ran John's campaign in 1992. I consider it one of my proudest career highlights. John has done incredible things with his position, and has helped countless individuals with substance abuse problems turn their lives around. His website,
http://www.judgecreuzot.com/, shows video testimonials to his good works. Yay, John!!

Hope all of you are well and safe. We will be back in touch once we are back over the pond. I already miss Ann and Tony, and we having even left. Cheerio and all that stuff!

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