06 November 2008

President Obama!!

Stewart and I came back down to civilization in order to contribute in our own small way to the democratic process. We walked precincts up in Wellington knocking on doors making sure that those who said they'd vote, did. It was so exciting to listen to people, proudly wearing their "I voted" stickers, tell us they had stood in line to vote for Obama. We were so exhausted at the end of the day so we celebrated back at Peregrine [OK, so I am calling T@B that until otherwise instructed]. What a sweet victory.

When we got back to Fort Collins on Tuesday, the weather was mild and the sun was shining. Yesterday, the wind picked up, and this morning I awoke from a dream at sea. Believe me, 40 mile per hour winds in a 1200 lb trailer is REALLY windy. Instead of oatmeal, I wanted Dramamine. Stewart was able to do his magic, and we are no longer rocking with each gust. so now, I am a happy camper!

Our plans may require a quick trip back here after sharing Thanksgiving in Olivette, MO with my sister, Nancy and her family. We will know more about that in the coming days. Alas, I am not disappointed, because the point of this trip is to take things as they come. We'll keep you posted. Besides, in the meantime, we are off to the UK on Sunday. We will be there for two weeks, so don't be surprised if our posts have an accent!

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  1. Britain is braced for your arrival! We are are gurning in Glawster, and might throw in some Jordie, wai ai!. See how that goes down in Colorado and old Missouri! Can't wait to see you both!! :)